Field Music Challenge Their Post-Brexit Hometown In The ‘Count It Up’ Video

02.15.18 5 months ago

Sunderland pop duo Field Music are back with the third single from their recently released album, Open Here. The video follows brothers David and Peter Brewis walking through their hometown of Sunderland, which bears particular significance as it was the first place to vote in favour of Brexit during the 2016 referendum in the UK.

It’s as if the band are singing the song directly to their hometown, challenging them to think outside the divisive rhetoric that led to Brexit and think about what informs the politics and perspectives that led to the vote. The song is essentially a checklist of privileges set to an incredibly hooky synth line, reminding its listeners that not everyone shares the same advantages in life.

In a press release, band member David Brewis explained the song’s perspective, saying:

“There’s a section in a book by Joseph Stiglitz called Making Globalisation Work about how those on the right hand side of the political spectrum tend to ascribe their fortunes entirely in the frame of their own talents. If somebody is poor it’s because they’re stupid, and if I’m rich it’s not because my parents gave me a great start in life, or money, or a great education, it’s because I’m talented and brilliant. I think all of that fed into this howl of rage set to what’s basically my version of ‘Material Girl.'”

Open Here, the band’s sixth album, is out now via Memphis Industries. You can see the video for “Count It Up” above and view their tour dates below.

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