Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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04.05.13 2 Comments

It’s impossible to cover each bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup. It’s called Final Track, and we’ll count off a few songs released during the week that are worth giving a listen to. (Banner via)

Today, we’ve got selections from Flying Lotus, Medicine, the National, and more.

“About that time // A glitch is a glitch” by Flying Lotus

Reason #84,049 why you should watch Adventure Time: the soundtrack, including this track from Flying Lotus.

The New York Renaissance by Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies, and more

A love letter to New York’s resurgent underground rap scene, from Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. Action Bronson’s “Compliments 2 the Chef” is a highlight.

“Long as the Sun” by Medicine

Medicine’s “Long as the Sun,” the musical equivalent of running into a wall of impenetrable noise, is the shoegaze band’s first song since 1995. It’ll cure what ails you. Or make you go deaf. One of the two.

“Girls” by Kid Cudi

For more on Kid Cudi’s first post-G.O.O.D. Music single, check out the Smoking Section.

“Graceless” by the National

The National, who brood like no other, debuted six songs from their sure-to-be excellent (and dramatic) upcoming album, Trouble Will Find Me, last night in Berlin. Here’s a “Graceless,” a more laid-back “Apartment Story.”

“Every Woman” by Leonard Friend

Here’s the official music video for “Every Woman,” a soulful, glitchy taste, with a surprising climax, of Leonard Friend’s free LXLF EP.

“The Motivator” by Ty Segall

Garage rocker Ty Segall covers the T. Rex classic “The Motivator” for the Record Store Day release, Ty Rex 2. The only similarity between the original and Segall’s version is that both “garage” and “rock” begin with the same letter.

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