Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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take back the night

It’s impossible to cover each bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup. It’s called Final Track, and we’ll count off a few songs released during the week that are worth giving a listen to.

Today, we’ve got selections from Justin Timberlake, Regina Spektor, Passion Pit, J. Cole, and more.

“Take Back the Night” by Justin Timberlake

Yesterday, we heard a snippet of the first single from part two of Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience. Well, here’s the full thing, and it sounds just as Michael Jackson-y as that brief clip had you believe.

“You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor

Assuming you binge-watch Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black this weekend — and you should — you’re going to be hear a lot of Regina Spektor, who performs the show’s aggressive theme song, “You’ve Got Time.”

“Winter Schemes” by J. Cole and Wale

For more, check out the Smoking Section.

“Carry On” by Passion Pit

Every time you hear fun.’s “Carry On” in your doctor’s waiting room or in a commercial, pretend it’s Passion Pit’s gorgeous cover instead. Makes everything much better.

“Falling” by CHVRCHES

While David Letterman’s favorite all-sister act continues to play seemingly every festival in America, Glasgow’s CHVRCHES has covered Haim’s biggest, instantly familiar crowd pleaser, “Falling.” Their version is a little more vulnerable, and it quickly quiets the disbelief in the DJ’s voice at the beginning.

“Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” by Superchunk

The kind of the song where you want to be the “you,” so “you” can hang out with Superchunk.

“Black Skinhead” by Kanye West/”Elephant” by Tame Impala

Black Elephant? Elephant Skinhead? Skinphant? Blackphan? I think that’s it.

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