Finally, An NC State And Scotty McCreery Cover Of ‘Wagon Wheel’

My father and I have a longstanding, generation-gap-fueled argument about the song ‘Wagon Wheel.’ I’m a fan of the original version, where Old Crow Medicine Show breathes life into a partially-written Bob Dylan song and performs it with a sort of hipster-yet-sincere ‘Pee-Week’s Playhouse’ vibe I enjoy. My father, a morning drive DJ for a popular Tennessee radio station who is more or less paid to enjoy whatever Nashville demands country music fans enjoy, thinks the Darius Rucker version is where it’s at. The first time I heard that version I wanted to throw Hootie AND his blowfish into the f*cking sun.

Good news! Now we BOTH have a version we can throw into the sun!

NC State Wolfpack head coach Dave Doreen celebrated this weekend’s Packapalooza by picking his way through ‘Wagon Wheel,’ accompanied by American Idol winner Scotty McCreery on lead vocals and NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson on Other Guitar. Mr. and Mrs. Wuf, mascots so from North Carolina they are heterosexually married in the eyes of God, danced in the background.

What are you waiting for? ROCK THEM, MAMA, like a something something.

Man, you ever think Scott McCreery watches videos like this and wishes he’d won American Idol a few years earlier, before Taylor Hicks ruined it for everybody? Anyway, it’s your game, UNC. Roy Williams joins Javier Colon from ‘The Voice’ on a cover of Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Cruise.’ Make it happen.

[h/t to Football Scoop]