Mike Wheeler From ‘Stranger Things’ Covered ‘Lithium’ By Nirvana And It’s Fantastic

Now is a good time to be Finn Wolfhard. Well, if your name is “Finn Wolfhard,” it is always a good time to be you. Surely Bill Gates would trade all his riches if only he could have been christened with the name “Finn Wolfhard.” Beyond that though, Wolfhard plays Mike Wheeler, one of the main kids on Netflix’s massively popular new series Stranger Things. Truly, it is the summer of Finn Wolfhard, and he’s taking a victory lap by showing off his guitar skills on the internet.

Like many 13-year-olds, Wolfhard is noodling around on the guitar these days. On Twitter, he posted a brief video clip of himself with the little note “Early morning Lithium!” The video features 20 seconds of Wolfhard playing “Lithium” by Nirvana. You know, the song that was released as a single in 1992, a full decade before Wolfhard was born? The fact a kid born post-turn of the millennium is into Nirvana probably makes the “today’s music sucks” crowd so happy. It also probably strikes a chord with anybody who, say, remembers being 13 and trying to play the solo from “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

As for Wolfhard’s guitar chops… they’re irrelevant! He’s a kid having some fun playing the guitar. You can clearly tell he’s playing “Lithium.” For most kids playing the guitar, that’s a real coup. In the end, even if he was bad, it wouldn’t matter, because he would still be named “Finn Wolfhard,” and you aren’t.

(Via Consequence of Sound)