Fiona Apple Did Her Fiona Apple Thing On 'Fallon' Last Night


In an engrossing piece on Fiona Apple published yesterday by Vulture, writer Dan Lee got to know the eccentric songbird, who apparently makes friends with writers quickly and easily.

A few hours later, back at the hotel, I gave her my card, in case she wanted to get in touch. At 1:41 a.m., my cell phone beeped.

It’s Fiona—holy shit—there’s a group of guys in the adjoining room, and they have no idea how impossible it is not to hear them—they go downstairs and come up for blow, weed, and gossip … fascinating!—but now I feel I have to be really quiet. I’m taking notes. Weed smoke is coming through the door … I’m thinking of waiting till they’re blitzed and going over and asking for some pot, and then listening to them when I’m gone … pretty sure it’s a sports team …

I texted back. At 5:34 a.m., before dawn, when the sky was surreally blue and I was asleep, she sent a photo of her face, shot from below, her green eyes staring straight. “I’m out walking,” she wrote, “it’s nice out.”

Afterward, when she and I were alone outside her hotel, I said I felt awful for asking, but I wondered if she’d mind if we met again, in California, for the story. She said yes, come. She said I was her friend now. “We’re friends,” she said. “I mean this.”

Dan Lee totally sexed Fiona Apple, didn’t he? Anyway, she has a new album out today, and last night she performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote it.

Here she is performing “Anything We Want”…

And here’s the interview she did with Fallon prior to her performance…

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