Fiona Apple Sang ‘Pure Imagination’ From ‘Willy Wonka’ In A Chipotle Ad

Senior Pop Culture Editor
09.13.13 5 Comments


The world is bullsh*t, but our burritos are top-notch,” read the original copy for Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” ad campaign when the deliciously gut-busting chain learned Fiona Apple agreed to lend her talents to a commercial. But the idea was scrapped after Todd in Marketing thought it wise not to include the words “sh*t” and “burritos” in the same sentence. F*cking Todd. So the Powers That Be went back to the drawing boards, and after a particularly catatonic burrito bowl-induced nap, they had an idea: “How about we make an emotionally manipulative ad that equates eating a taco with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. And we’ll get Fiona Apple to sing a song, because the blogsters sure love their Fiona Apple. Is she a vegan? She looks like a vegan. She’s probably a vegan.”

And thus, the headline “Fiona Apple Sang ‘Pure Imagination’ From Willy Wonka In A Chipotle Ad” came to be. I hate myself for liking it, which is also how I feel after eating a Chipotle burrito.

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