Five Finger Death Punch Wants You To Know That ‘Metal Has Never Gone Away’

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Five Finger Death Punch releases its new album, Got Your Six, Friday. Formed in 2005, 5FDP has released five albums that have sold millions of copies; four of their releases have gone gold in the U.S. The Wrong Side of Heaven and The Righteous Side of Hell, Volumes 1 and 2 both debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard album chart within a four-month period in 2013, spawning three No. 1 radio hit singles: “Lift Me Up” featuring Rob Halford of Judas Priest, “Battle Born,” and “Wrong Side of Heaven,” the video to which has more than 38 million views.

The band headlined North American arenas to great success last fall, and is about to co-headline the Fueled By Monster Energy tour with Papa Roach, featuring support from In This Moment and From Ashes to New. Bass player Chris Kael made time to speak to Uproxx about the new album, the band’s rabid fans and their ongoing support of the men and women serving in the U.S. military.

What does the title of the new album, Got Your Six, mean?

It’s a military term that is talking about having someone’s back. Imagine you’re flying in formation, in the Air Force, and then imagine the face of a clock. Twelve o’clock is directly ahead of you and six o’clock is right behind you, so it basically means that the person behind you has your back.

We’ve had huge support from our fans over these years; we’ve had all kinds of messages from our fans saying that we’ve helped them get through whatever troubles they may have been having. And though there may have been some people saying that we’ve helped, I like to think that we were the soundtrack to them getting themselves through whatever kind of trouble they were going through. In the end, they’ve got our back and we’ve got theirs, and it made sense for us to go with that since this is our sixth record.

5FDP has a very special relationship with your fans, maybe more so than most artists.

It’s a new day and age in heavy metal rock and roll. Before Death Punch, I was a fan of music, and I’m a fan of music now, and I’ll continue to be one after Death Punch is long gone. It’s a nice, tight-knit community, and when we’re doing shows, if I want to see another band that’s playing with us, I’ll throw on a hoodie, tuck my beard inside, pull the hood up and go into the crowd to watch. So, if you see a tall shadowy looking figure in a hoodie out there, it’s a good chance it’s probably me checking out the opening bands. And we’re 100 percent approachable; people will recognize us and we’ll say hello and take pictures with them.

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