Did The Flaming Lips Just Announce Their Breakup On Twitter?

As of 5:52 PM ET, The Flaming Lips’ Twitter account has sent the bulk of its 982,592 followers into a panic. The reason? Because the Tweet with that time stamp claims that the band is, well… done.

I don’t know enough about the band’s recent antics to properly speculate, but I thought “The Terror” was a pretty great album, so there’s really no reason any creative differences should have caused a split. Unless… unless it’s because of the collaborative album with Ke$ha, in which case it’s time for the government to finally take my demands to force her to live on the moon a little more seriously.

I’ll update when further news becomes available, especially when it’s revealed that this was a prank and/or really bad joke.

QUICKEST UPDATE EVER: The Tweet in question is already gone.

And now this Tweet:

Very funny, jerks.