Flavor Flav Was Arrested in Las Vegas For DUI And Many Other Things

Flavor Flav is back on the wrong side of the law. The former Public Enemy member and reality TV star was arrested at 12:30 Thursday morning, and the list of charges is a long one… driving under the influence, speeding, possession of marijuana, having an open alcohol container in his car, driving with a suspended license, and having a bogus registration. Online records show he has posted bail for his six misdemeanor charges.

Officially named William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., he was originally pulled over for driving 73 mph in a 45 mph zone. In October 2012, he was arrested for threatening his son with a kitchen knife. In May 2011, he was arrested on four outstanding warrants for various driving offenses. And who could forget the time he was arrested on a bicycle because he was caught with a felony amount of marijuana stuffed in his pockets?

(Via TMZ)

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