Fleet Foxes Share The Serene Rarity ‘Icicle Tusk’ From Their Upcoming ‘First Collection 2006-2009’

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Fleet Foxes are gearing up to release a blast from the past via First Collection 2006-2009, which compiles the band’s early releases along with some rarities from the era. It drops in a couple weeks, but ahead of that, the band has shared “Icicle Tusk,” which originally appeared on 2006’s The Fleet Foxes EP. Hardcore fans may heave heard the song before, but there are plenty more people who haven’t, since fewer than 200 copies of the EP were self-released. This also marks the first time the track is available on streaming services.

When the band originally released their The Fleet Foxes EP, the CD included a letter from the band, seemingly typed up in Microsoft Word and printed on standard printer paper, which serves as a reminder of Fleet Foxes’ humble beginnings and reads in part:

“What you have here is six songs recorded in a basement by a band called Fleet Foxes, or the Fleet Foxes, whichever you find easier to pronounce. Since these demo recordings, the songs have gestated, evolved, or died, and if you find yourself at a live show, you will find they sound far different. subsequent Fleet Foxes releases will be more in line with this live-standard, and are on their way shortly. But, perhaps there will be something on this disc that you will be entertained by.”

Listen to “Icicle Tusk” above.

First Collection 2006-2009 is out 11/9 via Sub Pop/Nonesuch. Pre-order it here.