Florence And The Machine’s ‘Moderation’ Is A Thunderous Anthem

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After Florence And The Machine debuted the song at a live show in Perth earlier this month, “Moderation” has finally gotten the studio version it deserves. Singer Florence Welch premiered the song on Zane Lowe’s World Record, giving Lowe and listeners some context on the song’s recording.

“Moderation” is thrillingly drum-driven. FATM have done plenty of rock anthems, but “Moderation” divergent from their introspective 2018 record High As Hope. Welch told Lowe that “Moderation” was written around the same time as the songs on High As Hope, but she knew the song’s themes didn’t match with what she wanted to do with that record:

“It was one of those instant songs, but it just didn’t fit with the themes of the record, because I knew I wasn’t making a relationship record. And actually, the song was kind of about my frustrations maybe with myself, to do with love, and I just knew I wasn’t going there on ‘High As Hope.’ I think at that point, I was like no, I know what this record is about and this record isn’t about being frustrated with someone else, which you could infer that this song ‘Moderation’ is about.”

An immediate fan favorite when Welch debuted it, the studio recording of “Moderation” captures the song’s thunderous energy. Welch’s voice howls with passion, and the drums pound from second one. (Many FATM songs are slow burns that build to catharsis, but “Moderation” is full speed from second one.) Welch describes performing the song as like an “exorcism,” and that energy carries over to the experiencing of listening to it, too.

Along with “Moderation,” Welch debuted the short, sweet “Haunted House.” “Haunted House” is excellent as a standalone, but also a very effective denouement after the catharsis of “Moderation.”

Check out Florence And The Machine’s new songs “Moderation” and “Haunted House” below.