Florence Welch Announced Plans To Publish Her First Book Titled ‘Useless Magic’

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After spending the last decade cultivating the well-earned moniker of “rock star,” Florence Welch has apparently decided to trade that persona for another one: Author. Today, the Florence And The Machine front woman has announced plans to publish her first book. Titled Useless Magic, Welch’s tome is set to hit the shelves this Summer on July 5.

“I am so thrilled to be collaborating with Penguin on my first ever book release,” she said in a statement heralding her upcoming tome. “It is such an honor.” Juliet Annan who bought World Rights added, “I have long wanted to persuade Florence to write a book, and this will be a beautiful record of her songs, a glimpse of the ideas that have inspired them, and a first look at her poetry.”

As mentioned Useless Magic is a work filled out by a collection of Welch’s song lyrics and poetry. What’s more, the art included in the book has been taken from the singer’s own sketchbook, which, according to the official announcement will, “feature some of the things that have inspired her writing, providing readers with a unique insight into her creative process.”

In a portion of the preface that she shared on Twitter, Welch pulled back the curtain on the meaning behind her book’s title. “Songs can be incredibly prophetic, like subconscious warnings or messages to myself, but I often don’t know what I’m trying to say till years later,” she wrote. “Or a prediction comes true and I couldn’t do anything to stop it, so it seems like a kind of useless magic.”