Flying Lotus Creates An Avant-Garde Motion Collage In His Surrealist Video For ‘Post Requisite’

Flying Lotus has a real love for surrealist imagery. In fact, pretty much any of his videos could give The Andalusian Dog a run for its money, including his latest, “Post Requisite.” The avant-garde producer fills the video with black and white photograph cut-outs with oddball splashes of color that morph and twist into off-the-wall scenarios that don’t make sense and aren’t trying to. Directed, animated, and puppeteered by Winston Hacking, brains, bugs, and drugs are recurrent images throughout the video, which continues the gross-out streak FlyLo kicked off with his short film Kuso earlier this year.

Still, it’s nice to see the production provocateur back to making music after his most recent exploits put his name in the news for all the wrong reasons. While it was understandable that he’d want to defend his friend and collaborator Gaslamp Killer when accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced online, he quickly realized that it might not be taken the way he intended and apologized for his rant.

With that out of the way, he can continue with his 3D Tour — which wraps up this month — and get back to creating the beats that originally made him a fan favorite. Perhaps he can work on scoring another film, as his Blade Runner 2049 tie-in soundtrack was truly excellent.