Folk Legend Joni Mitchell Has Reportedly Been Rushed To The Hospital For A ‘Serious Condition’ (UPDATE)

Joni Mitchell
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Joni Mitchell is reportedly in serious condition after being discovered unconscious as her home and rushed to a local hospital for emergency care. The music legend’s spokespeople released an announcement via her official Twitter page.

TMZ added some more details to the circumstances behind Mitchell’s illness and the Los Angeles Fire Department also released an official statement. From Variety:

According to TMZ, paramedics hurried to the singer’s Bel Air residence after receiving a 911 call. She was reportedly alert on the way to the hospital.

The website describes her medical condition as “quite serious.”

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that paramedics responded to an emergency 911 call on Mitchell’s street in Bel Air at about 2:30 on Tuesday, but was unable to confirm her condition.

Mitchell’s career highlights are well known, helping to establish a certain feel to music throughout the 60’s and 70’s and creating a string of songs that have had a lasting impact. Variety includes a quote about her views on her song “River” and why she believes it has had such an impact over the years:

“Well, it’s taking personal responsibility for the failure of a relationship,” she said of “River” in an NPR interview. “And my generation — you know, the ‘Me Generation’ — is known to be a Peter Pan, narcissistic generation, right? So it’s really, you know — it’s really that aspect of our inability — you know, ‘I’m selfish and I’m sad.’ Right? You know, people think that’s confessional, but I’d say, you know, in my generation, you think that that’s a unique personal statement? You know what I mean? It’s like, no wonder there’s so many covers of it?”

Hope for the best out of the situation. We’ll update if anything new is announced.


(Via Variety / ABC 7)