Foo Fighters Finally Played A Show In Italy For Those Viral Video Fans

It’s just understood that Foo Fighters are just a band composed of nothing but good dudes. The internet has shown all kinds of love to the seminal rockers, like the 1,000-member band the Rockin’ 1,000 covering the iconic track “Learn to Fly” to convince the Foos to come to Italy. Well, that impressive video actually worked. Back in July, Dave Grohl personally guaranteed that the band would visit the town of Cesena to perform for all the people in a special concert.

And on Tuesday, that day finally came. And needless to say, the citizens of Cesena were over the moon.

Dave took the time to personally thank the Rockin’ 1,000 for their overwhelmingly sweet viral video and decided to reward their effort with a crushing set.

“To see you people singing our song for the whole f*cking world, to me, it’s the greatest moment of my life. Of course we couldn’t say no, we had to come. You trapped us, we had to come here.”

Making things even better, one of the Rockin’ 1,000 got to play with the band while they covered Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”

If this doesn’t prove that Foo Fighters are the ultimate good guys in rock and roll today, we don’t know what possibly can.

(Via Consequence of Sound, Twitter)