Foo Fighters Debuted A Schizophrenic New Song Called ‘Dirty Water’ Live In Paris

07.05.17 9 months ago

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Foo Fighters’ upcoming ninth studio album, Concrete And Gold, is set to drop on September 15th, but it feels like we’ve heard a fair amount of it already. Aside from lead single “Run,” a few songs have been performed live — namely, “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” “Sunday Rain,” “Lah Dee Dah,” and now, a new one called “Dirty Water.” The band was putting on a show in Paris on July 3rd, and that’s when they broke out the song of two halves.

The first part of “Dirty Water” is calm and vaguely psychedelic, like a more serene “Learn To Fly” or something The War On Drugs might have written. Everything changes at the song’s midway point, though, when the track transforms into a heavy riffer that’s in line with the more raucous moments of “Run,” which by the way was the only other Concrete And Gold cut that made it into the setlist that night.

It remains to be seen if the new album will sound like “Motorhead’s version of [The Beatles’] Sgt. Pepper,” as Grohl recently put it, but whether or not the record lives up to those lofty goals, the early returns are promising. The band is making history regardless: They one-upped Adele last month by swearing a whole bunch at Glastonbury.

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