Foo Fighters Brought A Face-Painted Fan Onstage And He Totally Shredded On ‘Monkey Wrench’

No matter what concert you find yourself at, you’re going to see a wide variety of different people, because music is universal and it brings folks from all walks of life together. Sometimes there’s somebody keeping to themselves in the corner, then there’s people hanging out with their buddies, and every now and then, there’s a guy in Kiss-style face paint ready to absolutely rock. The latter was at Foo Fighters’ show in Austin, Texas on April 18, and when Dave Grohl spotted the character, he had to bring him onstage.

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SO EXCITED FOR @foofighters TONIGHT!!!!!!

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Yayo Sanchez, who is also known as Kiss Guy, is a local Austin musician, so when Grohl spotted his sign in the crowd and invited him on stage, he was so ready that he even had his own guitar pick with him, much to Grohl’s delight. Once they launched into “Monkey Wrench,” it was clear that Sanchez is an experienced performer: He played the song with a confident flair, headbanged alongside Grohl, and walked around the entire stage like he owned it. After a guitar solo, Grohl was so enamored by the guy that he temporarily forgot the words to the song: He mumbled the start of the verse then exclaimed, “I can’t even remember the lyrics!”

It looks like this was a fun moment for all involved, so check it out above.