Foo Fighters Made A Commercial For Their Mexico Concerts And It Is Awesome

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11.03.13 8 Comments

Foo Fighters in Mexico

In a throwback to their delightful early music videos for “Big Me” and “Learn to Fly,” the recently unretired Foo Fighters recorded a very special promotional video for their upcoming concerts in Mexico. On December 12 and 13, Foo Fighters will make their return to the live stage with concerts at Mexico’s Foro Sol stadium, which seats as many as 55,000 Foo fans and 110,000 devil sign hands waving in the air, give or take a few hundred childhood M-80 accidents.

Dave Grohl and Co. last played a concert venue in 2012, as they later announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus. That lasted a whopping less-than-a-year after it was leaked earlier this year that the Grammy Award-winning band was hitting the studio for a new album due out in 2014. Until then, it looks like any rust accumulated during that brief hiatus has been shed, and Foo Fighters and their special celebrity guest are ready to make their comeback in Mexico City next month.

(H/T to That Eric Alper, via FARK)

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