Watch The Foo Fighters Perform ‘Molly’s Lips’ For The First Time Ever

09.09.15 3 years ago

The Foo Fighters’ pulled out a Nirvana live staple at their concert in Edinburgh on Sept. 8. For the first time ever, the band played a cover of (Nirvana’s version of) The Vaselines song “Molly’s Lips.”

Though the decision to whip out the song for the first time may have been staged, it certainly seemed like an impromptu moment. Dave Grohl was introducing the band and when he got to guitarist Pat Smear, Smear launched into the riff from Nirvana’s 1991 cover. After a few beats, the rest of the band joined in for a rollicking song that barely made a dent in their notoriously ultra-long runtime.

Sadly, there was no bicycle horn. Not that it would have been audible over the band and crowd.

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(Via Stereogum)

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