Foo Fighters Closed Out Their ‘SNL’ Appearance With An Epic Christmas Version Of ‘Everlong’

If you include Dave Grohl’s two SNL appearances with Nirvana, as well as slots with the likes of Tom Petty and Paul McCartney, tonight’s stop by the famed NBC show was his 14th appearance as a musical guest. This includes one time where the Foos backed up guest host Mick Jagger in 2012, as well as a visit when the band had just formed in 1995. If you want a glimpse at what performing across 22 years looks like, they’ve played on show’s hosted by the likes of E.R.‘s Anthony Edwards, Christopher Walken, Helen Mirren, Jason Lee, and Jon Bon Jovi.

Coming into tonight’s set, they’re a band that has their own music festival, have recently performed in Greek ruins, and can casually drop a Justin Timberlake guest slot into their records. In short, they operate on a different level than most bands. They aren’t just a rock group anymore, they’re a legacy.

Performing in support of their recent album of “acceptable, riff-centric hard rock,” Concrete And Gold, Foo Fighters closed out their Saturday Night Live set with a holiday gift for the audience: a throwback to their best-known song, “Everlong.” Grohl began the song alone sporting an ugly Christmas sweater, only to have the whole band kick in for a rendition of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” led by backing singers, before closing with “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Fake snow fell down, and for a moment, the lackluster comedy of the episode was forgotten.

Check out Foo Fighters performing “Everlong” and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on Saturday Night Live above.