Foo Fighters Kicked Off Their ‘SNL’ Appearance With A Sweltering Performance Of ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’

The first time Dave Grol ever appeared on Saturday Night Live, it was just a few days before his 23rd birthday. His band, Nirvana, were musical guests on a show hosted by Northern Exposure‘s Rob Morrow, and they performed their massive hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as well as the thrashing punk oddball choice “Territorial Pissings.” As was the rock custom of the time, the band destroyed their gear following the second song.

That day in early 1992, it would have been hard to guess that the guy playing drums would go on to become one of the most important figures in music for the decades that would follow. But that’s just what has happened, with his band Foo Fighters sitting comfortably next to U2, Taylor Swift, and Eminem in what has been a stacked season on SNL. Playing in support of their September release Concrete And Gold, the band strutted with the confidence and swagger of a group that has been to the show seven times previously, as they rocked their way through their opening song, “The Sky Is A Neighborhood.” One of the highlights of the new record, it’s not surprising that the song has become a rock radio hit with its punchy hook and loads of attitude.

Check out video of Foo Fighters performing “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” on Saturday Night Live above.