Dave Grohl Confirmed ‘Sonic Highways’ Season 2 And Offered Hints Of Where It May Be Filmed

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In between professing his love for Taylor Swift, playing cover songs at a county fair, and making the dreams of an 8-year-old fan come true, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently acknowledged that he’s thinking about a second season of his HBO show, Sonic Highways. The show’s first season brilliantly highlighted the musical histories of some of America’s best music towns: Austin, New York, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and Seattle. Grohl played the role of the passionate tour guide, weaving his own connection with a particular city with its history. An album followed, comprised of a song that was recorded in each city.

Now, he says he’s coming back for more.

Grohl confirmed a second season of the show in a recent interview, but was less solid when it came to where exactly the second season would take place, saying that it might take place in cities across England, cities across the world, or may continue to focus just on the U.S. According to Grohl, the beauty of the project is that “it can be anywhere because every city has some sort of musical history.” He does concede, though, that given England’s rich musical history, doing the show there would be “like shooting fish in a barrel.”

(Via NME)