Foo Fighters Blast Off With An Epic Version Of ‘The Pretender’ In An Ancient Greek Acropolis

On November 10, PBS will air the most over-the-top episode of their ongoing series Landmarks Live in Concert yet. Back in July, Foo Fighters landed in Greece where they performed a special one-off show in the confines of the ancient Acropolis in Athens for a once-in-a-lifetime style concert. The band treated the few thousand lucky enough to attend to a set of music epic enough to merit being performed in such a heady location, including a bombastic, nearly 10-minute long rendition of their hit song “The Pretender” which you can check out here.

“I’ve always wanted to work with the Foo Fighters and do a show in Greece,” series creator Daniel E Catullo said in a press release. “Having both wishes come true in the same episode is a huge moment for me. When I first came up with the idea for the series, this is exactly what I had in mind — a legendary band playing a legendary venue. We’ve had some incredible shows so far, but this one officially sets our standard at a new level.”

The PBS series is hosted by the members of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. As drummer Chad Smith told Rolling Stone recently, “We were given this extraordinary opportunity to spend a week in a city that’s over 3,400 years old, the birthplace of democracy, theater and philosophy,” he said. “The significance of being allowed to stage a major rock show at one of the world’s (not just Greece’s) most significant landmarks was not lost on any of us. We were all humbled and honored.”

You can catch a preview glimpse of the Foos epic performance in the video above.