Foo Fighters Brought Up A Fan To Sing ‘Tom Sawyer,’ And He Absolutely Nailed It

Hearing Dave Grohl say, “I don’t even know how to follow that sh*t. Thank you. Good night. That was amazing!” is a pretty good indicator that you just impressed the rock star.

At Wednesday night’s Foo Fighters show in Edmonton, Grohl brought up a fan named Brian to sing Rush’s legendary song “Tom Sawyer.” This isn’t the first time Foos have had a fan come up on-stage to perform with them; they’ve even had Grohl’s surgeon join them to help sing “Seven Nation Army.” Grohl asked the Edmonton audience if anyone knew all the words to “Tom Sawyer,” because he couldn’t remember all of them, and that’s when Brian stepped in. Going from “Tom Sawyer” in karaoke to singing in front thousands of Foo Fighters fans is a pretty big leap, but the performance wasn’t much of a problem for Brian, who absolutely nails the cover and was rewarded with beers with the band backstage after the show. Maybe next time, these two guys could help the Foos cover “Tom Sawyer,” too.

Here’s another angle of the performance.

(Via Reddit h/t CBC)