This Frank Ocean And Calvin Harris Collab Will Probably Soundtrack Summer 2017

After a long hiatus, Frank Ocean returned in 2016 with the Endless fake-out (see what I did there), and then followed that up with stunning monument of an album that is Blonde. We put it at the top of our best albums of the year list without a second thought, and luckily for everyone, it looks like Blonde is just the beginning of new music for Ocean.

As enterprising fans noted, earlier this week Calvin Harris played a clip of what sounds to be a new collaboration between the two musicians on his Snapchat. Ignore the celsius temperature, that won’t make sense to any of us Americans. I did just move to LA, so don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure they’re driving down Silver Lake Boulevard? Calvin, can you head down Griffith Park Boulevard next time so I can grab a snap of my own? Just a thought, looks like you might be in my neighborhood.

Anyway, the first snap has some of the high-pitched, chirpy vocal-synth line that have become so popular in EDM production lately, but the second snap is unmistakably Frank. And does he mention Echo Park, or am I just projecting? Probably gonna queue this up on my phone later and go drive around blasting it, because once the real thing hits that’s what I’ll be doing all summer. Given how infrequently Frank Ocean does guest vocals, this is a pretty big deal. Look for more hints about the track, which is sure to be dropping fairly soon.