Frank Ocean Discovers Fox News

One of my favorite things in life is when someone — either because they’re just reaching a point in their life where they start to pay attention, or because they’re from someplace outside of the U.S. — discovers Fox News and they’re all “WTF is this garbage!?”

Case in point: last year a friend from New Zealand stayed with me for a few days. At some point I went out to run some errands and while I was out I received a text from her that went something like this: “What the bloody hell is this Fox News crap? Watching it makes me feel like I’m in Eastern Europe post-World War II. It’s a straight up political propaganda machine!” “Yep,” I said in response, “you pretty much nailed it.”

Today Frank Ocean had a similar moment. I’m guessing he was watching Fox & Friends? Welcome to the world of the enlightened, Frank.