Frank Ocean’s Visual Album ‘Endless’ Is Getting A Physical Release

Getty Image

Two summers ago, in mid-August, Frank Ocean started building the staircase that would be documented by the visual album Endless. However, before the week was out, Endless would be overshadowed by the release of a second album, Blonde. Additionally, despite its massive popularity in the days before the appearance of Blonde, the visual album would also not be eligible for inclusion on the Billboard charts .

A little over two years later, Frank is finally getting ready to give Endless the fanfare it deserves, with an impending physical release of both the album and the visual component. Ocean’s ever-evolving online store has been updated once again to celebrate Cyber Monday, now listing Endless on vinyl, CD/DVD, and VHS. Additionally, there are special poster prints available, featuring new artwork to commemorate the release. This update comes only a few days after a brand new, seemingly unrelated “Worldnet” sweatshirt was listed on Ocean’s site for Black Friday. With any luck, this means more music is incoming.

2017 saw Ocean stepping back out into the public for the first time in nearly five years, performing at a series of festivals around the world. We caught him at New York’s Panorama Festival, and are still holding out hope that the re-release of Endless will mean more live shows are on the horizon.