Could This Mysterious Video Mean Frank Ocean Is Finally Releasing His New Album?

frank ocean
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Frank Ocean, who has turned waiting into an art form, is up to something.

Earlier this morning, the R&B singer’s website, Boys Don’t Cry, added a mysterious looped black and white video of an empty warehouse or studio, save for some work benches. Intriguingly, the Apple Music logo appears in the top right corner, but no other information is available. It’s a mystery what Ocean is up to, but his fans aren’t interested in questions (or his brother) — they want answers, namely to, “Where the heck is the new album, Frank?”

It’s been four long years since channel ORANGE came out to universal acclaim, and it finally seemed like Ocean was ready to release the hotly anticipated follow-up when his website uploaded “a picture of a library card return slip which teases a July 2016 release date.” Unfortunately, it’s August 2016 now, and still no album. And people are starting to get a little antsy.

There’s also this:

On the bright side, James Blake said he’s “more of a fan of [Ocean’s] when I heard his newer music,” and that he’s “onto something, he really is,” while Chance the Rapper added that Ocean is “making a masterpiece.”

The album will be worth the wait… whenever it finally comes out.

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