Frankie Cosmos’ ‘Apathy’ Is A Bold, Confident Step Forward

Frankie Cosmos, the music project of prolific songwriter Greta Kline, is moving to Sub Pop for the release of new album, Vessel. And though it is still an indie label, it wouldn’t be surprising if the traditionally lo-fi artist moved to bigger-budget recording styles for this upcoming release, and her earliest singles for the record, “Jesse” and “Being Alive,” both support this theory.

For the latest offering, “Apathy,” Frankie Cosmos continues to toe the line between maintaining their own humble, DIY aesthetic and making music that hits a higher professional bar than they’ve previously attempted. It’s a little more muscular, a little more fleshed out, and the kind of tune that will sound strong as the audience size begins to grow.

But don’t get too worried that the stripped-down Frankie Cosmos is gone. In an interview with Stereogum for the “Apathy” premiere, Kline revealed that there are four songs on the new record that don’t feature her band, including “The End,” which is just a demo-style recording of her and a piano that she decided to keep as-is for the album.

Check out Frankie Cosmos’ new song “Apathy” above, along with a pretty cute video starring a poodle figurine. Vessel is out on March 30th on Sub Pop.

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