Frankie Cosmos Become DIY Marionettes In The Hyper ‘Being Alive’ Video

For their first release on Sub Pop, Frankie Cosmos are offering up Vessel on March 30th, and it’s easy to look at the record as the beginning of a new chapter for the band. But for fans of the New York project led by Greta Kline, the past is a deeply important aspect to engage with the group, and that’s shown in their latest offering, “Being Alive.”

“Being Alive” was previously released on the 2014 collection Affirms Glinting and has been performed live regularly in the ensuing years, so it becomes a nice bridge from the Frankie Cosmos of the past and the Frankie Cosmos of today. For the new video for the song, there is also a nostalgic flair, as a portion of the video is composed of live footage taken from tours in 2016 and 2017. Funny enough, because the song’s rhythm is so uncharacteristically hyped-up, the footage is accelerated to match it.

But the heart of the video lies in the DIY marionettes of the Frankie Cosmos band. Through much of the video, the paper version of the band humbly plays along, until aliens show up and throw the whole thing through a loop. Check out the video above, and look for Vessel out soon on Sub Pop.

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