Frankie Cosmos Announces ‘Haunted Items’ Digital Collection Of Stripped-Down New Songs

Matthew James Wilson

Indie singer-songwriter Frankie Cosmos (real name Greta Kline) has announced a new series of singles via Sub Pop. Over the next four weeks, Sub Pop will release a pair of new songs from Cosmos, culminating in an eight-song digital collection called Haunted Items.

The two tracks released today, “Dancing” and “Tunnel,” are short and sweet. Clocking in at under two minutes each, the songs are simple but lovely, and piano-based while most of Frankie Cosmos’ work tends toward guitar. They’re an intriguing peek of the entire project, which will be a rumination on a common theme.

“Items themselves are harmless unless they are infused with some kind of energy,” Kline says of the project. “These items are haunted by fear, consumerism, commitment, love, loss, the list goes on… I had some of these songs stuck inside me, mostly because I wrote a lot of them for piano and didn’t know how to record them, even as demos. My friend Elia gifted me with 10 hours of recording time with Mark Yoshizumi, and this winter felt like the perfect opportunity to get these out of my system and haunt you with them instead.”

But if these songs are “haunted,” they’re a pleasure to listen to — definitely a lovely, benevolent ghost.

Listen to “Dancing” and “Tunnel” below.