Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Glimpse Of Love’ Video Is Strange, Silly, And A Lot Of Fun

Franz Ferdinand has been a band for nearly two decades now, which is basically an eternity in indie rock band years. After all this time, though, they haven’t forgotten how to have fun, as they prove in their absurd new video for “Glimpse Of Love (Version).”

They just released Always Ascending, their fifth album and their first in five years, back in February, and in the latest video from it, they’re not that focused. In the clip, directed by Alice Kunisue, the band finds themselves on some sort of farm, and there, they act out a bunch of silly scenes and visual gags that aren’t really connected to each other… or anything, really. It’s delightful: The band members are either deadpan in their expressionless expressions or flashing goofy smiles right into the camera, all while doing things like smelling flowers, taking photos, running with sheep, doing basic choreographed dances, and otherwise being weird.

Does it mean anything? I don’t think so. It’s just good, clean, bizarre fun from a band that appears to be happy to have a new album out in the world. It doesn’t have to make sense to be good. Watch the video above, and revisit our interview with the band’s Alex Kapranos here.

Always Ascending is out 2/9 via Domino. Get it here.