Freddie Gibbs And Madlib Pay Tribute To ‘The Temptations’ In Their Comedic ‘Gat Damn’ Video

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, fresh off an electrifying performance at this weekend’s Adult Swim Festival, are back with yet another new video for a song from their July comeback album, Bandana. The video for “Gat Damn,” like their previous videos for the album, contrasts the nail-hard lyrical content with visually hilarious imagery, this time lampooning the backstage shenanigans of 1970s soul groups like The Temptations with some help from Black Jesus‘ Slink Johnson and G Perico, who play backup band to Gibbs’ Freddie Kane.

Bedecked in outlandish, matching, zebra-striped outfits, the band members do drugs backstage, deliver classic quotes from the NBC miniseries The Temptations, and fight Freddie over their checks while he tells them to “talk to the white boy.” The band, called Freddie Kane and The Lords, takes the stage to perform “Gat Damn” while Freddie shakes his jheri curl wig and two-steps alongside the band members, who play atypical instruments like Perico’s violin. There’s a lot to unpack, but it’s a lot more fun to just sit back and watch.

Gibbs and Madlib have also released individual videos for “Half Manne Half Cocaine,” “Giannis,” and “Crime Pays,” as well as an extended cut that mashes them all into a short film.

Bandana is out now via Madlib Invazion/ESGN/Keep Cool/RCA Records.