Freddie Gibbs Issues A Scathing Response To His Rape Accuser On New Single ‘Crushed Glass’

After the way his 2016 panned out, you can’t blame Freddie Gibbs for feeling relieved that it’s a new year. Last June, he was hit with accusations of rape and was extradited to Austria to face the charges. The legal process eventually acquitted Gibbs, and he raps about the intense experience in “Crushed Glass.”

The theme of the track and video is pretty clear, Gibbs is looking forward and ready to begin his life anew. In the clip he wakes up in a desert, dusts himself off and makes his way to his destination, wherever that may be. The first words he utters in his return to the game? “The future started yesterday.” It’s as if to say Gangsta Gibbs is back and looking straight ahead. And as for that rape case? Gibbs touches on that tribulation only briefly, saying “I just beat a rape case, groupie b*tch I never f*cked / Tried to give me 10 for some p*ssy that I never touched.”

The track also comes with the announcement of a new project, You Only Live 2wice which will be out 3/31. The artwork, which you can check out below, is chock full of religious symbolism — Gibbs has gone so far as to portray himself as Jesus.

Check out the cover and tracklist below.

1. “20 Karat Jesus”
2. “Alexys”
3. “Crushed Glass”
4. “Dear Maria”
5. “Amnesia”
6. “Andre”
7. “Phone Lit”
8. “Homesick”

You Only Live 2wice is out 3/31 via ESGN Records. Pre-order it here.

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