Freddie Gibbs Goes On A Murderous Revenge Mission In The Off-Kilter ‘Half Manne Half Cocaine’ Video

The rollout for Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s new album Bandana has been nothing short of incredible, with a run of cleverly curated videos stringing out a narrative continuing from their 2014 collaboration Piñata. The latest video for “Half Manne Half Cocaine” picks up where “Giannis” left off, with Freddie awakening in a hospital ten years after the previous video’s assassination attempt.

When he awakens, he’s confronted by a surreal conversation with a doctor played by comedian Eric Andre, who naturally leans into the role with unhinged, absurdist aplomb. In 2029, he says, it’s Trump’s America, with the ACA — aka Obamacare — finally being canceled and Freddie’s requested “nurses with the big ass t*tties” being unavailable because now “they got dicks where their t*tties used to be.” Andre drops off a duffle bag, which turns out to be full of weapons and ammo, and tells Freddie where to find Silverio Diaz, who plays the treacherous plug who tried to kill him in the Giannis video.

Of course, they trade their usual nonsense banter before Freddie discovers his gun isn’t loaded. Luckily, he still has a few grenades. A chase ensues, but you can probably guess how it ends.

Bandana out now via Keep Cool/RCA Records & Madlib Invazion/ESGN.