French Montana Tried Surfing For The First Time, And It Went Terribly

Getty Image

Let’s get one thing out of the way: surfing is hard. Like, riding on a board on top of water moving with more force than you can imagine is inherently difficult. There’s a reason why it takes classes to figure out how to do it and countless hours of practice to even stand up on the surfboard. So even if you are a rap star who is having a particularly good year with the biggest hit of your career, it takes more than bravado to simply conquer the art of surfing.

French Montana learned this the hard way. While in Sydney, Australia, the rapper borrowed a surfboard and decided to just run right out into the waves, while clearly having no idea what he was doing. In a video posted by TMZ, we see French doing an A+ job at securing the board to his ankle, but it all goes south as soon as he hits the water. French doesn’t even know where to begin with the waves, eventually taking a barrage of beatings before being washed ashore. He seemed to take the embarrassment all in stride, though, raising his fist in victory afterward, despite failing completely.

The whole video is pretty hilarious, and you can watch it over at TMZ.