From Biggie To Slayer: 12 Great Musical Guests Who Appeared On ‘The Jon Stewart Show’

Long before he became the Jewish voice of a generation on The Daily Show, and even before someone stuck a pen in his eye in The Faculty and he fathered the Sprouse twins in Big Daddy, Jon Stewart had his own show on MTV, the cleverly titled The Jon Stewart Show. Also, he had black hair, which doesn’t seem right.

The variety show, which aired from 1993–1995, was wonderfully weird — and so well thought of that none other than David Letterman appeared in the final episode — but today its most notable for all the great bands Stewart booked, groups that otherwise would never have been seen on TV. We’re talking the Notorious B.I.G., Guided by Voices, Quicksand, Sunny Day Real Estate, and so many more, a collection of which we’ve included after the jump, in honor of Stewart’s 50th birthday today. Jon Stewart: birthday boy, Slayer fan.

Not a great band, but I haven’t listened to this song in at least five years, and Brad Roberts sounds his most Scott Stapp-y in this performance.