A Marriage Proposal At A Front Bottoms Show Failed Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Getty Image

Maybe this is naïve, but it should probably go without saying that if you’re going to propose to your significant other on stage with your favorite band, you should probably at least be pretty sure that they’re going to say yes. Or, even better, that it is something they actually want you to do. Apparently, no one told a fan in attendance at a Front Bottoms gig over the weekend, as he was somehow able to get on stage and thoroughly surprise his significant other with a marriage proposal.

When he gets down on one knee, the crowd understandably goes crazy, but the cheers die down to near silence when the partner throws her hands up and simply walks off the stage, without saying anything. Even the band seems astounded at what just transpired in front of them, their jaws hanging open as the proposer also walks offstage with his head hanging. Check out the video of the cringe-worthy proposal fail below, which will make you want to bury your face in a pillow and scream in discomfort.

The Front Bottoms recently released their latest effort Going Grey. Stream it here and check them out on their ongoing tour with their new Fueled By Ramen label mates Basement. Hopefully you won’t have to witness a failed marriage proposal in your city.