Future’s Poorly Timed Tweet Promoting An Upcoming Las Vegas Concert Sparked Outrage

Getty Image

Twitter is such a double-edged tool, as many an artist or unsuspecting social media critic has discovered. While upbeat stories like Chance The Rapper endorsing a cheery fake advice account abound, so do ones that find entertainers on the receiving end of the public’s wrath after an ill-advised opinion post — see: Mill, Meek. The latest to fall prey to the dark side of the social promotion app is Future, whose prescheduled tweet advertising his appearance at Drai’s nightclub in Las Vegas has drawn exactly the wrong kind of attention in light of recent events.

To be fair, unless Future himself (or his account manager) was awake at around 3 AM this morning, there’s probably no way they could have caught the offending tweet before it posted to the account, and as yet, it doesn’t look like he or his people have managed to get around to deleting it just yet.

Even worse, the flyer attached to the post calls Future’s scheduled Halloween appearance “Drai’s Horror Story,” which is another terrible coincidence. Of course, on the popular 140-character app, the speed of takes is more important than facts. In this case, the attacks came fast and furious, and fans aren’t letting the Atlanta rap star off the hook, calling out the bad timing in typically snarky social fashion. As of post time, the tweet was still up, but just in case, there’s a screenshot below, along with some of the outraged responses.