Watch Future’s Hottest New Track ‘Mask Off’ Calm A Crying Baby In Nine Seconds Flat

You already knew that “Mask Off” is the hottest track off Future’s two latest projects Future and HNDRXX because we ranked every single song on those two records for you. And it won. So even though I ride hard for “Incredible,” I have to admit there is something uncannily soothing about hearing that litany of drugs “Percocet / Molly Percocet” sung in Future’s hypnotizing autotuned drawl over an equally hypnotizing flute. Yet, even us adult fans weren’t aware of the sheer power of “Mask Off.” No, it would take the wisdom of a child to introduce us to its true force.

Enter internet baby, above, one of the harbingers of happiness and truth in our dire times. Said baby illustrates exactly what listening to Future can do to your spirit — calm you, bring you joy, stop your pain. The baby goes from full-on crying to giggling and smiling in nine seconds flat. That has to be some kind of new record, even for internet baby antics. But it’s not surprising, given the new records that Future is setting with these two new projects. He became the first artist in Billboard history to have two back-to-back No. 1 albums.

Future noticed the clip and shared his own appreciation:

And after spending some time with him in London last week, he completely won me back after I lost my faith as a fan. That takes artistry. Watch the cute clip above and make sure to check out both HNDRXX and Future, clearly these two albums are just getting started in their process of dominating 2017 and turning us all into giggling, happy kids again.