FYI, Rapper Juvenile Was Not Killed In A Car Accident Today

11.27.12 6 years ago

Let this be an example to all aspiring rappers out there: perhaps think twice about choosing a stage name that’s also a commonly used word. Allow me to explain why.

Earlier today, WDSU — the NBC affiliate in New Orleans — tweeted out the following…

The same headline, by the way, appeared on the station’s website. This sent a few people from the New Orleans area, where the rapper Juvenile is a beloved local product, into a tizzy. In a span of roughly five minutes of confusion and sadness, I received two text messages and an email alerting me to the fact that Juvenile had prished in a car crash. Later in the day a friend of mine who is also friends with Juvenile told me that Juv’s “phone has been ringing off the hook.” So FYI, people: Juvenile is still alive. However, an unnamed local juvenile is dead.

Perhaps now the local news stations in New Orleans will think about putting an “A” in front of the word “juvenile” in headlines. Also, my condolences to the family of the youth who lost his or her life in a car accident today. Y’all be careful out there. And keep backin’ that azz up.

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