G Herbo’s ‘Who Run It’ Freestyle Gets An Epic Remix Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

G Herbo is in total disbelief over how a radio freestyle over a Three 6 Mafia classic became a phenomenon, to where he recorded a studio version and has now released an official remix featuring Lil Uzi Vert. “This shit got a million views. I ain’t even got a million views over that shit,” G Herbo says to begin his latest “Who Run It” take. The Chicago rap stalwart is referring to the Instagram footage from that radio stop, which Drake watched five times.

Part of “Who Run It”’s appeal is Three 6 Mafia’s boisterous production, of course. But rappers ranging from Lil Yachty to ASAP Rocky and Juicy J himself also clearly delight in attempting G Herbo’s rapidfire flow, which adds another level of aggression that the original was missing.

That goes for Lil Uzi Vert as well. In the official remix, Uzi adds a third verse where he goes completely bonkers. His voice starts a full octave lower than we’re used to hearing on “XO Tour Llif3.” But then the Generation Now raises it back up in time for a pointed diss. “Academiks, yeah, that’s where you get your news at,” Uzi raps, referencing the Everyday Struggle host. “Ask your bros, Grammy-nominated song just to prove that.”

Who run it, indeed. Listen above.