G Perico Announces His Next Album With The Late-Night Car Clubbing Video For ‘Affiliated’

It seems highly unlikely that anyone forgot, but just in case, G Perico is back to remind rap fans that he’s still “Affiliated” with a new music video and the announcement of his new album, 2 Tha Left. The video features Perico cruising the streets of his native South Central in his lowrider with his signature shower cap and suede Pumas firmly in place, spitting a much-improved flow over a typically G-Funky beat produced by Cardo and Polyester that absolutely hammers the left side of the piano into oblivion. Through it all, the message is familiar but one it’s important to him to relay: Fame hasn’t changed him. He still reps his set.

Perico is fresh off the release of G-Worthy, a collaborative EP with fellow West Coaster Jay Worthy, and his debut release, All Blue, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting together 13 tracks of audio gangbanging featuring Nef The Pharaoh, TeeCee4800, Mozzy, AD, and Curren$y.

Judging from its first two singles (the other is “Amerikkka“) and title (a clever reference to both the West Coast — the left side of the map — and the Crip gang to which G Perico belongs), 2 Tha Left will likely pick up exactly where it’s predecessors left off.

However, if “Affiliated” is an accurate demonstration of the lyricism on display on the rest of the follow-up, it would appear at least one thing has changed; G Perico has been working on his lyricism and delivery, so expect the raps to be even sharper as the beats continue the legacy of sledgehammer LA funk.

2 Tha Left is due out on December 8 on So Way Out and Priority Records. Check out the tracklist and cover art below.