G Perico, Vince Staples And Others Call Out Jim Jones For Disrespecting Crips On Instagram


Jim Jones may have thought he was just making a funny Instagram clip about his experience with a crab on a recent resort trip, but G Perico and other Crip rappers weren’t having it. G Perico reposted Jones’ video earlier today, which showed him yelling at a crab blocking his entry to an elevator. Crab is a serious derogation for the Crip street organization, and since Jim Jones belongs to their chief rivals, the bloods, it just looks bad. He captioned the video, “n—-s bangin on the resort,” which confirmed the joke he was trying to make.

Capo may not have realized the humorous video would be taken serious, but it definitely was. After Perico reposted Jones’ clip, several rappers showed up in the comments of the post condemning his actions. Snoop Dogg affiliate Tray Deee, a Crip, recalled Jim Jones being respectful when he brought the Harlem rapper weed before a Soul Train Awards show back in the day. LA gangsta rap veteran BG Knoccout, also a Crip, called him a “buster.” Other commenters threatened to “ban” him from LA unless he apologizes.

Vince Staples summed it up the best, commenting, “cuh too old for that,” before trolling angry commenters and pondering how many people calling for a “ban” were “really from somewhere,” AKA really affiliated with an LA street organization. Good question.

Hopefully Jones can clear the issue up before it gets past social media posts. Given that Jones is not from LA, he might not realize how toxic it still is to throw around that kind of slur. As Brandon Caldwell noted in his May G Perico feature, “the temperature is always set to survival” in South Central LA and other rough neighborhoods. People are still dying behind colors. Slurs like crab may seem silly to outsiders, but they can ratchet up that temperature nonetheless.