An Album Of Music Inspired By ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is In The Works From HBO And Columbia Records

06.04.18 12 months ago 2 Comments


There’s still plenty of time to go until the upcoming and final season of Game Of Thrones airs, but some info about the new season is already starting to leak out (thanks to the cast). Now, here’s another bit of information: HBO is teaming up with Columbia Records to release an album of music inspired by the show.

The soundtrack is set “to accompany” the eighth and final season of the show, which will premiere in 2019. Beyond that, the only real telling line from the press release is: “The soundtrack will feature songs inspired by the hit series and will showcase artists from diverse musical genres.”

That means it’s time for speculation about who might be involved in this project. The musicians who have guest-starred on the show would be a good place to start: Most (in)famously, Ed Sheeran made a cameo on the show last year, for example. Mastodon, Coldplay drummer Will Champion, Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, Sigur Rós, Of Monsters And Men, and Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson have also appeared on the show in various capacities over the years.

The tracklist could also feature acts from the large pool of Columbia artists, like Arcade Fire, Foster The People, Adele, Jack White, Diplo, and a bona fide ton of others. Beyond that, the show certainly has a lot of famous fans, so getting a bunch of talented people on this soundtrack is a pretty real and potentially awesome possibility.

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