Let George R.R. Martin Explain How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Inspired By The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead and George R.R. Martin both have devoted fan bases, but they also have a connection between them. Apparently the writer of the supremely popular A Song of Ice and Fire book series that begat HBO’s Game of Thrones is a fan of the band.

In an interview at the 92nd street Y in New York City, Martin said he is indeed a fan of the Grateful Dead, and that his wife, Paris is an even bigger fan. Martin says that the Weirwood Trees from the books are in fact named for Bob Weir, guitarist and singer for the Grateful Dead. All Jerry Garcia ever got was an ice cream flavor.

He also declared their “Ripple” one of his favorite songs of all time. Fans of Game of Thrones who maybe only know the Grateful Dead from “Touch of Grey” may want to check that one out now.

(Via Billboard)