The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Gets The Orchestral Steel Mill Version It Deserves

The Game of Thrones theme is already pretty metal to begin with, but now it’s reached peak metal after a Ukrainian chamber orchestra group called Renaissance performed it in front of a very active forge. Molten steel and flame literally pours out of the background as the musicians — clad in classy evening wear — play Ramin Djawadi’s powerful composition.

The steel forge isn’t just a powerful visual backdrop for the performance. The location’s recent history would put many of the storylines we’ve seen on Game of Thrones to shame. The Ilyich Iron And Steel Works in Mariupol is the second largest metallurgical plant in the country, and was a highly contested asset in the recent conflict between Ukraine loyalists and pro-Russia separatists. It ended up trading hands several times before finally being taken back and held by Ukraine.

“This is what Ukrainian metallurgy is like!” Ilyich Iron and Steel Works director Yuri Zinchenko said when discussing the video. “Show me another factory like that in the world that has a chamber orchestra playing inside!”

It’s a bit of an odd boasting point, but I guess when you’re the second largest iron works in Ukraine, you do what you can to move up in the game of forges.

(via RT)