For $50,000 Gene Simmons Will Personally Come To Your House And Hand-Deliver His New Deluxe Box Set

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There are few things — anything? — Gene Simmons loves more than money, so it’s no surprise that with a new deluxe box set to rollout, the KISS bassist has gotten creative with the pricing model to squeeze every possible cent he can out of the deal. Titled The Vault, Simmons new collection is a 38-pound behemoth, packed with 150 unreleased tracks, a leather-bound photo book, an “In Gene We Trust” oversized medallion, a “non-makeup” wearing version of himself in action figure form, and more.

For the regular Simmons fans, the whole thing will set you back $2,000, but for the real heads, you can spring for the $20,000 “Producer Experience,” where you’ll get to hang out with Gene in a recording studio and listen to some tracks off the collection for an hour. You’ll also get an executive producer credit on the project. For the truly Simmons mad, you can plunk down $50,000 for the “Home Experience,” where Gene will literally show up to your house with the Vault and spend a couple of hours kicking it with you and up to 25 of your guests.

For Van Halen fans, there’s actually a bit of an incentive for you to spring for this massive collection as well. Maybe you don’t want Gene in your house, but you’ll almost certainly want to hear the long-rumored set of three Love Gun demos that the bassist recorded with Eddie and Alex Van Halen before the debut of their group’s first album in 1978. At the time, Simmons was testing out the fleet-fingered Eddie as a possible replacement for KISS’s guitar player Ace Frehley.