George FitzGerald Gets Meditative On The Dancefloor With The Soulful And Skittering ‘Burns’

English producer George FitzGerald just shared his first new song since 2015, signalling a new album might be on the horizon from the producer. “Burns” begins with a cut and repeated vocal, a chant which slowly becomes the melodic undercurrent of the song. It’s not until two minutes later that we hear more from FitzGerald, his soulful vocals finally coming to the fore with the song drawing closer to its skittering peak. That moment finally arrives with a build toward a gorgeous arpeggiating synth melody, which brings all of the repeated elements together for a stunning conclusion.

FitzGerald took to Facebook to explain how the song came out of a happy accident. “The track started life as a studio experiment making a beat-less chant out of loads of contrasting vocal samples, and then morphed over time,” he says. “It works as a moment on a dancefloor but at heart it’s meant to be quite meditative, which I guess is where I’m at right now.”

FitzGerald released his debut album Fading Love in 2015 via the Domino Records imprint Double Six. Prior to that he issued a slew of singles via labels like Hotflush Recordings, Aus Music and Hypercolour. Look for much more from him in the coming weeks.